Triceratops Toy Figure

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The three-horned Triceratops, a legendary creature from the Late Cretaceous period, roamed the lands of North America 65 million years ago. This massive and majestic dinosaur, known for its distinctive horns, captured the imaginations of paleontologists and dinosaur enthusiasts alike. Triceratops, with its scientific name Triceratops horridus, holds the prestigious title of being the first horned dinosaur ever unearthed, a historic discovery made in Colorado in 1887. Initially mistaken for the remains of an extinct bison, further excavations in Wyoming and Montana revealed the true identity of this magnificent beast. Our Triceratops toy faithfully recreates the horn arrangement, featuring a short nose horn and two long horns above its eyes, complemented by a curved beak and a formidable bony frill.

  • Materials: Non-toxic and BPA free PVC.
  • Measures: 8" l x 2.75" h.
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