Thomas the T. Rex Tattoo Art Pin and Patch Set

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Bring a piece of Los Angeles straight to your home with our edgy, tattoo-art-inspired pin and patch set, a fun souvenir that pays homage to Thomas the T. rex, the undisputed king of the Natural History Museum's famed Dinosaur Hall. A decade ago, the awe-inspiring skeletons of the award-winning Jane G. Pisano Dinosaur Hall were delicately put in place, one after another, marking the culmination of years of exhaustive fieldwork, meticulous research, and elaborate exhibit development. Thomas the T. rex, unearthed in the early 2000s, majestically looms over the skeletons of two junior T. rexes discovered in the 1960s, commanding the attention he rightly deserves.

  • Pin measures: 1.25"
  • Patch measures: 2.85"
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