The Egyptology Handbook: A Course in the Wonders of Egypt

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As readers of the fascinating EGYPTOLOGY are all too aware, the feisty explorer Emily Sands mysteriously vanished on an expedition up the Nile in 1927. But in a remarkable turn of fortune for Miss Sands's many fans, detectives have uncovered a second volume penned in her own hand — a course book on ancient Egyptian history and culture intended for the voyager's beloved niece and nephew. Now available to budding Egyptologists everywhere, this comprehensive volume — illustrated by the same artists who lent their talents to EGYPTOLOGY — is brimming with facts on ancient Egyptian culture and history, followed by intriguing assignments and fill-in opportunities on everything from archaeological finds to theories on how the pyramids were built.

Among the book's delightful novelty elements are:

  • An envelope containing Miss Emily Sands's Top Ten Things to See in Egypt 
  • Flaps to lift, revealing hidden treasure in desert sands
  • A four-page foldout section full of stickers featuring treasures from King Tut's tomb and other ancient Egyptian artifacts.

By: Emily Sands
Hardcover: 80 pages.
Publishr: Candlewick Press.
Dimensions: 7.36"W x 8.55"H x .52"D.
Age range: 9-12 years.


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