Sequined Plush Butterfly

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Charming and adorable, this cute plush butterfly is velvety soft on the back and covered in reversible sequins on the front. The sequins change from blue to silver and dark blue to black with the brush of hand. Measures 10 x 12 inches. Ages 3 and up.
Product details:
  • BLUE BUTTERFLY PLUSH - Soft & Cuddly Blue 10" Butterfly with Reversible Sequins on one side and soft felt on the other.
  • REVERSIBLE SEQUINS - Hours of fun creating designs with these reversible sequins.
  • PERFECT SENSORY TOY - with visual and tactile benefits, petting these sequins is mesmerizing.
They may seem as delicate as gossamer, but moths and butterflies routinely survive the cold, harsh weather of New York winters. How do they do it? After all, they are small, without any insulating fur or feathers, and cannot generate their own body heat as mammals and birds do. Some butterflies overwinter in protected shelters. One way they withstand freezing temperatures is by secreting chemicals that act as antifreeze to prevent the formation of ice crystals in their bodies. The comma and mourning cloak butterflies are two such insects. One way to see hundreds of live, tropical butterflies from around the world during the cold winter months is to visit the Museum's Butterfly Conservatory. It operates seasonally from October through May each year.
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