Rotunda Collection ‘Dome’ Stained Glass Suncatcher by Janel Foo

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Inspired by the beautifully restored Haaga Family Rotunda, this custom-made suncatcher by Janel Foo beautifully captures the essence of the dome's vibrant colors. Janel Foo is a stained glass artist based in Los Angeles. She dedicates meticulous attention to every step of her artistic process, guaranteeing that each creation is authentically unique. She is recognized for her affinity for minimalistic geometric designs, clean lines and soft color palettes. Display this beautiful suncatcher in a window, or anywhere it catches the light.
  • Materials: Glass, lead, solder.
  • Dimensions: 4” diameter.
Please note: The glass used in each piece is unique to each suncatcher. Glass will often have small imperfections in the glass that comes from the process of producing the glass. This may include small bubbles, lines in the glass and minor waves in the glass. Please note, these are not scratches and cannot be avoided. Stained Glass is traditionally made with materials that contain lead. This comes with minimal risk but it is a good idea to watch your hands after handing as a precaution and keep out of the reach of children.
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