Mosasaurus Toy Figure

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Mosasaurus, the mighty marine lizard of the Late Cretaceous Period, ruled the shallow seas of western Europe and North America with its fierce predatory nature. Named after the formidable Mosasaurus, this group of marine predators strikes fear into the hearts of all who dare to venture into the waters. Unveiling its history, the first Mosasaurus fossil emerged in 1764, baffling early observers with its mysterious appearance, resembling a mix of fish, whale, and crocodile. As paleontologists delved deeper, the truth emerged - an immense lizard akin to the modern monitor lizards had walked the ancient seas. With a scientific name meaning 'lizard of the Meuse River,' Mosasaurus boasts a striking resemblance to the Komodo dragon, featuring a massive head, razor-sharp teeth, and a sinuous tail for swift navigation through the depths.

  • Materials: Non-toxic and BPA free PVC.
  • Measures: 9.25" l x 3.25" h.
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