La Brea Tar Pits Ice Age L.A. Farewell Tour T-Shirt

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Discover the ultimate souvenir t-shirt, designed exclusively for La Brea Tar Pits explorers. Behold the awe-inspiring trio of Ice Age creatures adorning this tee: the colossal ground sloth, the ferocious dire wolf, and the majestic mammoth - iconic fossils from the Tar Pits. Delve into over a century of groundbreaking research at this site, where millions of ancient plant and animal remains have been meticulously examined. Uncover the world's most extensive fossil collection, spanning from mammoths to minuscule micro fossils, offering a glimpse into the bygone Ice Age era. Immerse yourself in the enthralling process of excavating these prehistoric treasures from the viscous "tar," witnessing scientists at work and unraveling the mysteries of the past and climate change. Experience a time both alien and familiar, encapsulated in this remarkable piece of history.

  • Color: Savannah
  • Fit: Adult, unisex t-shirt
  • Materials: 100% cotton
  • Care: Machine wash, tumble dry. Consider washing in cold water and line drying to conserve natural resources.
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