Anglerfish Pacific Football Fish Print - 22x24 Unframed

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Anglerfish Pacific Football Fish Reproduction Print by Dwight Hwang. Gyotaku fish reproduction print of the ultra rare Pacific Football Anglerfish that washed up in pristine condition on the coast of Southern California and now resides in the Ichthyology Collection at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. This print is reproduced on thicker Japanese Washi paper, hand cut and hand stamped. Because of the nature of the washi paper, each print will vary slightly in grain, size, edges, position of stamp, etc. The closest to being an original piece, without being an original.

-22x24 Unframed
-Materials: Art paper, ink

Gyotaku is the traditional Japanese alternative to Taxidermy that began several hundred years ago by an ingenious calligrapher. Meant as a way to record a proud catch for fishermen, it is also a stunning art form. All of Dwight Hwang's prints are done in the old, traditional "direct" method where Sumi ink is applied directly onto the fish and then covered with Washi paper to produce an exact, mirror image of the specimen.

Artist Bio:
Dwight creates classical gyotaku art, restricting himself to the traditional materials but working tirelessly to push not only the art but himself to bring awe, memories, and quiet contemplation to viewers worldwide. Partnered with institutions like NOAA, Scripps, Patagonia, and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, his work has been exhibited in museums, displayed in hospitality such as the Four Seasons, and showcased in publications including Forbes.

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