23 PC Dino Playset Bucket

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You can journey back in time to the Jurassic period with Wild Republic dinosaur adventure bucket. Spark your child's curiosity in prehistoric animals through play with these replicas. These realistic dinosaur figurines include  (2 pcs) T-Rex, (1 Pc) Triceratops, (3 pcs) Velociraptor, (1 Pc) Apatosaurus, (2 pcs) Stegosaurus, (2 pcs) Brachiosaurus, (1 Pc) Parasaurolophus, (1Pc) baryonyx, (3 pcs) euoplocephalus, (1Pc) hadrosaurus, (2 pcs) Iguanodon, (5 pcs) trees and (2 pcs) boulders.

These dinosaur playsets can be used as sand toys and bath toys for kids. Your child can easily put the pieces back into the sturdy bucket and lock the lid for storage when finished. Ages 3 and up.


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